Fulham vs Cardiff City

Although Fulham has officially dropped to play in the First Division of England next season, it is not so rivals can look down on the London side at this time. Should know, in the last two rounds in the Premier League, Fulham showed a completely new face, competitions and dedication to win the victory over Everton and Bournemouth. Tonight, with the advantage of playing at home and determined to win in order to make up for the relieved sadness of fans, Fulham is determined to win all 3 points.

In fact, this is an easy task when their opponent is just a team right on Cardiff. In theory, the Welsh team still has a chance of relegation when they are getting 31 points and only one team is in the 17th place Brighton. But if you look at the actual performance at the end of the season, Cardiff are a heavyweight candidate for the final relegation. Be aware, Coach N. Warnock's team has just lost 7 of the last 9 rounds.

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