Fulham vs Everton

Fulham - Everton 
Football : England - Premier League 
Saturday (13 April) 14:00 (GMT 0) 

Despite being invested more than £ 100 million to strengthen forces when ranking English Premier, Fulham has not been able to complete the goal of resisting the highest tournament of the fog. The 1-4 defeat at Watford was the London's ninth consecutive defeat, and it also put an end to Fulham, officially returning to the First Division.

Each match against Fulham is only procedural, because victory or failure cannot change anything. The spirit is a luxury for the Craven Cottage team at the present time, when they always walk into the yard with a low mood and lack of fighting ability.
On the opposite field, Everton also has no goal to strive for this season, when it is ranked 9th in the standings with 46 points. The Merseyside team has no chance of competing for the European Cup next season, nor does it worry about relegation, because that is not something they have to think 
too much with their current strengths. 

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