Inter Milan vs Atalanta

The race to win tickets to the Champions League in Serie A this season is less stressful when there will be four teams representing Italy's No. 1 football team allowed by UEFA to go straight to the European Cup group stage. However, when the season is still 8 rounds, it will lower the curtain, in addition to Juventus, no team is sure to be in the Top 4 Serie A.
Inter Milan are currently in third place on the standings with 56 points to continue to fight hard. Since the 5th ranked team at the moment is Atalanta also has 51 points. Simply put, if Atalanta wins the confrontation in round 31, it will shorten the gap with Inter Milan to 2 points.
Inter Milan vs Atalanta
Before the ball rolling, observing on the Asian trading floor, Atalanta is the team receiving more trust. Specifically, at the time of putting this match on the trading floor, the dealer let Inter Milan accept -1/2 matches. However, the eating point of the host's house then continuously fluctuated in the direction of decrease and by the afternoon of April 6, the main contract of the whole game was only -1/4.
In the previous 13 visits to Atalanta at home, Inter Milan were always very deep, the only match with the lowest odds of Atalanta was +1/2 (March 12, 2017), the rest were mostly Both matches are -1 or more. Last season, during the trip to Milan, Atalanta was also accepted +3/4. Moreover, Inter also possesses a very good head-to-head record, winning all 4 recent Atalanta encounters at home.
Inter's form after being eliminated from the Europa League was still very resilient, they won 2 away matches but lost at home to Lazio. In the framework of the domestic tournament, Inter also won only 2 of the last 6 games. On the other side of the battle line, with a strong squad, immune injury, Atalanta is achieving good form at the end of the season, unbeaten in the past 6 consecutive games.

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