Inter Milan vs Juventus

The Serie A season this season ended with the championship worthy of Juventus. However, with the exception of Napoli who has been placed in second place, the top 4 battle is still going on.

Currently, there are 4 names that are competing directly for 2 Champions League tickets next season. Inter took advantage when the remaining teams were 4 and 5 points respectively.

However, this is not a safe distance. In football, anything can happen. A single kick can make the Nerazzurri face the risk of having to play in the Europa League.

Therefore, this time is not the time for them to rest. Inter need to continue winning. And amazingly, the current form is completely enough to help this team accomplish its mission.

Breaking the Nerazzurri's counter-defensive posture is not easy. They play firmly on the home turf and are ready to make the opponent taste the bitter fruit.

When there is a fulcrum for the home, the power is even more pronounced. It can be fully promoted in the next confrontation, even if the other side of the battle line is Juventus.

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