Jacare vs Hermansson

UFC: Jacare - Hermansson 
Sunday (28 April) 01:00 (GMT 0) 

Jacare vs Hermansson 

Taking place in Florida, USA, UFC Fight Night: Jacare vs.. Hermansson doesn't have many highlights. Even the rematch between the two rivals against Ronaldo Souza and Yoel Romero was also canceled after Romero got pneumococcal disease. Jack Hermansson - the boy who is at the bottom of the Middleweight rankings is put on the main stage. The only "save show" match is also officially exchanged, the remaining games are mostly emerging names or ... have never been noticed at the UFC.

Greg Hardy, the rugby player who made the UFC audience angry when he entered the tournament will also appear at the event. After losing to Allen Crowder in January, Greg Hardy needed a better performance to stay at the Heavyweight UFC. He will have the opportunity to confront Dmitry Smolyakov next Sunday morning, but if he wants to stay with the world's top MMA tournament, it must be a victory.

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