Leeds United vs Aston Villa


Leeds had lost his own advantage in the battle to win tickets to the Premier League next season. Only encountering two opponents, Wigan and Brentford were much underestimated and out of motivation.

However, Leeds could not create a dominant game. They are stuck in finding their way into the opponent's goal. As a result, this team could not win a point and was taken by Sheffield United to No. 2 on the rankings.

They are in great danger to compete for the final ticket with 4 names left when the season of 2 rounds is over. In fact, the performance of this team in recent times is also very unstable.

In terms of overall season, the work of deadlock is often the cause of Leeds's footsteps. Never in the past 15 years, fans of this team hope to return to the highest arena in the fog country so much.

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