Leeds United vs Sheffield Wednesday

Leeds United - Sheffield Wednesday 
Football : EFL Championship 
Saturday (13 April) 16:30 (GMT 0) 

The First Division Championship has 5 more rounds to close. Leeds Utd is currently ranked 2nd in the league with 79 points, 6 points behind the top of Norwich. Basically, the competitiveness of Leeds Utd's championship is almost no longer available. However, they need to keep the current 2nd position, meaning a direct promotion. 

In the case of Leeds falling behind, they will have to go through Playoff matches to contend for the remaining tickets. Obviously coach Marcelo Bielsa and his students do not want to fall into that situation and the task of winning against Sheffield Wed today is a mandatory task for Leeds Utd. The performance of the home team before this game was quite good when winning the last 7/10 rounds in the Championship.

Another advantage for Leeds Utd is Sheffield Wed, who doesn't seem to be keen on a promotion play-off. Although 6 points is less than the sixth place, Lee Bullen's troop cannot show his desire to equalize. It is evident that they only won 1 of the last 3 rounds.

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