Liverpool vs Chelsea


At the top of the table, it is clear that Liverpool are not the team that takes the initiative in the Premier League championship this season. They are 2 points better than Man City but are more than 1 match, so it is clear that Man City is the team that decides the fate of this season. Liverpool's mission is to win all the remaining games, while expecting an opponent's blow. Jurgen Klopp's teachers and students are heading to the championship after a few decades of waiting with a fiery spirit and impressive performance.

Specifically, Liverpool have won 6 consecutive matches, 2 Champions League matches and 4 Premier League matches. The 2-0 victory over Porto in the quarter-finals of the Champions League made the Red Brigade psychology quite comfortable because they had the advantage before the return leg. Therefore, Klopp teachers and students can wholeheartedly pay attention to the reception of Chelsea tonight at Anfield. Anfield is where Liverpool have been unbeaten in their last six matches, including five victories. The style is stable, the spirit is high and the home ground, the fans are extremely hoping for a victory tonight for The Kop.

Even so, it is not simply because Chelsea is a name that haunts Liverpool many times in the past. From 2012 until now Liverpool have not won Chelsea when kicking at Anfield. And Chelsea is Liverpool's team when they are about to end the season. But if you want to win Liverpool, you must overcome the psychological pressure. And now they have a lot of things to do to realize their championship dreams.

Chelsea are 3rd in the league with 66 points. Unable to catch up with City when the distance is up to 14 points, the current duties of Sarri teachers and students are to win points against Tottenham's pursuit of only 2 points. This time the Blues have regained stability and played quite well with 5/6 recent wins in every arena. But the away field is quite an obsession with them because they are quite bad in recent operations. Chelsea have lost to Everton, Bournemouth in matches that have been repeatedly attacked by their opponents, and the scenario can be repeated because it is Liverpool's forte in recent seasons. 

Salah Goal 

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