Maradona hurt President Trump, he expects punishment

Football legend has offended US President Donald Trump, meanwhile, expressed his support and sympathy for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

Diego Armando Maradona has gone too far.

In fact, Argentine legend has offended the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

One of the best players in history, today coach, has long expressed sympathy for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

"I want to dedicate this victory to Nicolas Maduros and all of Venezuela, who is suffering because of Americans," Maradona said initially after winning his team-mate Dorado di Sinaloa to Tampico.

"They are the sheriffs of the world and think they can only comment on why they have the biggest bomb in the world. But that doll who has a president (Trumpin) can not be bought, "he added.

For these statements, the Mexican Football Federation has opened disciplinary proceedings against Maradona and the "Golden Hand" may be punished or fined.

The ethical code on which the Mexican Championship is based prohibits any use of political comments.

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