Montpellier vs PSG

It must be affirmed, if this encounter took place about 2 weeks ago, it is difficult to have PSG accept Montpellier 0: 1/2. Remember, the last 4 times landed in De la Mosson, the handicap for the capital football team is not under 1 draw. Even more than a year ago, Les Parisiens joined the 0: 1 3/4 barrier. 
But, considering carefully, the above-mentioned listing of houses has a reason. Firstly, the next 90 minutes as well as the remaining 4 matches in Ligue 1 are no longer meaningful for teachers and students Thomas Tuchel. It all comes from PSG successfully defending the championship after a 3-1 victory over Monaco on April 22.
Secondly, it is true that PSG just beat Monaco to be crowned at the highest tournament in the continent, but it is hard to say they are doing well. The statistics of the last 5 matches show that Les Parisiens only once won the triumph, remaining 2, losing 2, including defeat after the penalty shootout 11 meters against Rennes in the final of the Cup.
Third, contrary to PSG, Montpellier plays very convincingly in the late season. Before receiving the army of Tuchel coach, the former song champion won the last 3/4 matches. On their home turf, they pocketed 7/9 points in the last 3 games. From the place where it seemed to have dropped the white flag, Montpellier resurrected its hopes of attending the European Cup. With such correlation, believe that the home team will have at least 1 point.

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