Porto vs Liverpool

Porto - Liverpool 
Football : Uefa Champions League 
Wednesday (17 April) 19:00 (GMT 0) 

A 2-0 victory over Chelsea in the Premier League over the weekend extended the unbeaten run in all of Liverpool's arenas to number 16. Impressive form comes from Lu's overwhelming attacking play. Red team makes any opponent have to be afraid when confronting. There are a few things to say about current Liverpool.
First of all, Liverpool still maintained their attacking style, but instead of just rushing to the opponent's goal, Liverpool are now more pragmatic, as evidenced by their conceding only 3 goals in their last 5 games . Next, Salah returned after a series of long fights and found his killer instincts. This makes Porto face more challenges. But of course, Liverpool are no longer dependent on the Egyptian star because Sadio Mane or Roberto Firmino are ready to speak out whenever the team needs it.

In the first leg, Liverpool with outstanding force and class won a 2-0 victory at Anfield. This is a foreseeable victory because compared to Porto, Liverpool outperforms from class to experience or force. This result helps The Kop have a huge advantage in the return leg on away field. The Champions League this season saw a lot of divine comeback but not much hope that Porto will do that against Liverpool in the quarterfinals.

Since the 2003/04 season, Porto's best result in Europe's most prestigious tournament is 3 times in the quarterfinals. Of course they want to do more in this season, but the clash with Liverpool makes Porto's chances of going forward extremely fragile. Porto can claim to be proclaimed in the national arena, but in the European arena, the Portuguese representative is only a poor performer. Before Liverpool, Porto had never been able to enjoy the joy of winning in the past 7 meetings. This season, it was Liverpool who poured cold water into Porto's wonderful game by winning the first leg. 

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