Sheffield United vs Ipswich Town

In the past, Sheffield Utd was no better than Ipswich, even in the opposite, they were even better when they won 21 but lost 23 matches in the previous 70 encounters. At the last two confrontations, Sheffield Utd cannot beat Ipswich. But this encounter was different when Sheffield Utd was doing everything to promote and Ipswich was officially relegated.

The contradiction of position in BXH is the clearest proof for the performance of the two sides since the beginning of the season. Sheffield Utd is currently 3 points ahead of Leeds Utd, the third-placed team, and if they win this round, they will almost certainly be promoted directly to Norwich's leading team (because Sheffield Utd outperformed Leeds). Exceeding the strength, being able to play at home again, it was not hard to understand when Sheffield Utd was on the door today.

But it is clear that the handicap of up to 1 3/4 with the low score indicates that the house is highly appreciating Sheffield Utd's ability to win boldly. Never before in the history of two teams had a high handicap today, which shows Sheffield Utd's very different position compared to the past. The club is also excited with two successive victories and recent Asian surges.

In contrast, Ipswich seems to have accepted surrender after being officially relegated. The last two rounds they all failed, and they all lost, not even scoring a goal. Away from home this season, Ipswich also often lost to the top clubs (losing to Norwich 0-3 or losing to Leeds 0-2). Therefore, do not believe in a club that has been motivated and mentally surrendered like Ipswich.

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