Southampton vs Bournemouth

Southampton are ranked 16th on the total table and 6 points higher than Cardiff relegation. In the context of the Premier League with only 3 rounds to close, "Saints" will come close to relegation if they win the match tonight. Objectively, this is an easy task when they play on St. Mary's home. Be aware, Hasenhüttl's team is in good form at home when they won 3 and only lost 1 match against Liverpool in their last 4 games at St.Mary's home.

Everything became easier with Southampton when the opponent was the AFC Bournemouth motivated team. Up to this point, AFC Bournemouth are getting 41 points, 10 points lower than the relegation group and they definitely relegated to the tournament with only 3 rounds. In addition to the spirit of doubtful play, AFC Bournemouth team is not the name that can be trusted when they lose to 4 out of 5 matches in the Premier League.

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