Stoke City vs Norwich City


Championship has 3 more rounds to finish but not many teams have reached the goal of striving, including Stoke City. This team has 52 points after 43 rounds, far from the danger group to 12 points, and less than the top 6 to 15 points. They cannot compete for a top spot and do not need to worry about relegation, so the rest of the tournament will be comfortable matches for fans.

Without a clear goal, Stoke's recent performance is extremely poor. In addition to a minimum win against Blackburn in early April, Stoke have only drawn and lost in the last 6 appearances. At home, they are unbeaten 5 times to receive the nearest visitors, of which there are 4 draws, including 2 goalless draws. Foolish goods and defensive goods often make mistakes, Stoke would have struggled against Norwich in the 44th reception.

In contrast to Stoke, Norwich are still motivated to play in the remaining three rounds. Leading the BXH with a 5-point gap with second-place teams and 3rd place, but not so that Norwich allow yourself to relax in the rest. They are very close to the championship this season and will definitely not let any opponent get in the way of returning to the highest tournament in England.

Norwich's form is still flourishing with an unbeaten run of 11, including 8 wins. On away field, they also do well with 5 consecutive games without losing, including 4 wins. High form is also determined to win, Norwich will not be able to drop 3 points easily against Stoke tonight.
The difference between Stoke and Norwich is obvious. Although in the past, Stoke were better at having 8 wins and 6 draws in 19 encounters with Norwich but at the moment, beating Norwich is something even the most dreamy Stoke fans are can imagine. The 0.5-point handicap in this match is considered to be quite gentle, so players need not hesitate to invest in Norwich in this match. 

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