Tottenham vs Ajax

Tottenham - Ajax 
 Football : Uefa Champions League 
 Tuesday (30 April) 19:00 (GMT 0) 

Tottenham and Ajax Amsterdam have created a big surprise in the Champions League this season when taking turns beating two bright candidates for the championship are Man City and Juventus. As a result, these semi-finals became very balanced. In comparison, Spurs are more or less appreciated for the quality of the squad and experience in the Champions League in recent seasons.

But in the semi-finals, Pochettino's teachers and students were disadvantaged on the field when playing the second leg in Amsterdam. Therefore, in the first leg tonight in London, Tottenham need 1 victory to create an advantage. In the Champions League this season, Pochettino teachers and students made good use of home advantage in matches. Specifically, after losing to Barcelona 2-4 in the group stage, Spurs have won all four matches, respectively, against PSV, Inter Milan, Dortmund and Man City.

However, in the first leg tonight, the dealer ranked Tottenham at the top door with a ratio of 0: 1/4. At this rate, the English club's eating point is still at a deep level of risk. The handicap has shown the balance of this performance. Spurs had an advantage at home but struggled with staff when losing both the best strikers Harry Kane (injury) and Son Heung-Min (suspended).

In addition, Tottenham are disadvantageous about the schedule. A few days ago, they still had to play in the 36th round of the Premier League. Not only a few days off, Spurs were also mentally affected when West Ham defeated at home. Meanwhile, Ajax had a full week off to prepare for a visit to London.

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