Tottenham vs Brighton


Failure against Man City in the last round but fortunately Tottenham did not lose third place because both Arsenal and Man United lost in this round. Along with these two teams, Rooster is still in the fierce top 4 race. Having an advantage when ranked third with 67 points, more than 1 point Arsenal and Chelsea, 2 points more than MU, Tottenham need to keep this position until the season ends. 

Tottenham struggled to break the Champions League, while Harry Kane, the number one striker, was injured and could be out of season. The burden put up and Son Heung Min and the good signal that he is still doing well up to this point. Tottenham lost both of their latest appearances in every arena and two thirds of the last round in the Premier League but all were before the big boys Man City and Liverpool. In this round, they only have to meet a falling Brighton. Moreover, Son and his teammates were also able to play on home turf, where they had been unbeaten six times in the past, including five victories, and kept clean sheets for four matches.
Across the yard, Brighton is in a very bad form. Seagulls lost their last five matches in all competitions and only managed to get a single point in the last five rounds at NHA thanks to a goalless draw with Wolves. They even net white for the last 6 times. The string of bad matches caused Brighton to slip down the brake. They are now standing right next to the relegation group with just 1 more point than Cardiff City. Huddersfield Town and Fulham are 2 out of 3 teams that will surely have to part ways with the highest arena in the UK, and Brighton will be the other team if they don't do well in the rest of the tournament.

In front of a thousand pounds of hair hanging, it is clear that Brighton is very thirsty. But not many people can believe that they will not empty their hands on the trip to Tottenham's field tonight. Remember that Tottenham are very determined now, far superior to their strength compared to Brighton. And more importantly, the last 3 times Brighton came to the opponent's court, they all returned in helplessness.

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