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Tottenham vs Crystal Palace

Tottenham - Crystal Palace 
Football : England - Premier League 
Wednesday (03 April) 19:45 
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To lose 1-2 full of pity 1-2 on Liverpool's field in the last weekend, Tottenham went through the fifth straight match without winning in the Premier League. With only 1 point gained after the last 5 matches, Mauricio Pochettino's teachers and teachers pushed themselves into a difficult position in the battle to win the Champions League next season.

At this time, after 31 rounds, Spurs have 61 points and 4th place in the league, but after the poor results recently, Tottenham has been narrowed by the opponent behind him as he rose by points and only poorly on goal difference, while sixth-placed opponent Chelsea is only 1 point worse.

With the current situation, if you do not want to be pushed out of the top 4, Tottenham will have to quickly improve their performance, and the encounter with Crystal Palace in the match to compensate for the next 31 is the chance like that. . More remarkably, this is also the debut match of teachers and coach Mauricio Pochettino on new Tottenham Hotspur, so the desire to win is stronger than ever.

However, to do that or not is another thing after what Tottenham has shown in recent times, the loss of points against Liverpool, Arsenal or Chelsea has not been serious, but before the opponents weaker than Southampton or Burnley is indeed what makes many people worry.
On the other side of the front line, with a crucial 2-0 victory over Huddersfield in the last round, Crystal Palace got closer to relegation. Currently after 31 rounds, coach and coach Roy Hodgson has earned 36 points and 13th place in the BXH and has created a gap of 8 points compared to the group holding the red light.

In terms of form, Crystal Palace is no better than Tottenham when they lost in the last 3/5 matches, but the factor for this South London guest to gain confidence in the next match comes from It is the form away from home with 6/8 past unbeaten matches, they even won 5 of them. Not to mention that at the end of last January, Roy Hodgson's teachers and coaches also defeated Spurs in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

On the Asian trading floor, anxiety also appeared for Tottenham when they were placed at a rate of 1/4 of the same point at the exit. In addition to being closest to Crystal Palace, they also accepted to -1 3/4, obviously the professional decline factors are not supporting Spurs. In this situation, it will be hard to trust Pochettino's teachers and coaches in the clash here.

In another development, although the results of the confrontation between the two teams in recent times often end with very few goals scored and rarely pass the mark of the total goal of the match and the public goods are not really effective. The results of the two teams, but the goal of this match is listed up to 3 draws, the ability of the match is getting great support, so can put faith in the landmark. in the clash here

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