Tottenham vs Man City

Coach Pep Guardiola is proving that he is extremely talented in revolving the squad. Man City has fought throughout the arena from domestic to European, but they have done well at every participating playground and even headed to the magnificent 4.

After winning the League Cup, Man City have won over Brighton to help them bring back a ticket to the FA Cup final, while in the Premier League, despite being second and two points behind Liverpool, the Green Man still holds in hand the right to decide by playing less than 1 match. In the Champions League, teachers and students are aiming for a victory over Tottenham in the first leg to gain an advantage later.  

Contrary to the sublimation of Man City, Tottenham is experiencing a string of poor achievements. The rooster has only 2 victories out of the last 6 appearances in every arena, the rest are 1 draw and up to 3 losses. They collapsed against big rivals like Liverpool or Chelsea, and the victory over Crystal Palace could not confirm that they were returning to their orbit. The match, Tottenham's third place in the Premier League rankings is in serious danger when Arsenal are close to a point of only 1 point. This makes it difficult for the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium team to focus 100% on the quarterfinals tonight.
The head-to-head achievement between the two teams also fully supports City when they have won four consecutive Tottenham matches. Although he understands each other well in the Premier League, coach Pochettino must be very headache to find a way to resolve the team under his colleague Pep Guardiola. Tottenham's unique and biggest advantage in this match is that of the field, where they have been unbeaten 6 times to get the closest visitors with 5 wins and 1 draw.

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