Tottenham vs West Ham

Spurs vs Hammers

It seems that defeat against City in the 35th round will make Tottenham lose their advantage for a place in the Top 4 (next season's Champions League), but at the same time direct opponents like Arsenal, Mu or Chelsea all to lose points, the homeowners are still in the upper hand compared to the three names just mentioned.

Currently, with a distance of 3 points against the chasing team, Tottenham is quite comfortable with his 3rd position, just need to win more victories Over this round, then homeowners will surely be in the Top 4. The situation is even more beneficial when Mu has to encounter Chelsea, while Arsenal are falling and have to march to Leicester's playing field very well and the Gunners lose points is very high.

Having a relatively safe distance and the pursuing team are struggling, Tottenham's remaining win over West Ham will be a hinge for Tottenham to reach a successful season and create a morale boost first. when clashing with Ajax in the Champions League semi-final on May 1, here.

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According to many experts and NHM, the victory is hard to escape the reach of the host, when the coach of Pochettino is converging a lot of factors to measure the guests. The first is the fulcrum of the newly opened stadium where Tottenham won the last 4 games, including an important 1-0 win over Man City in the Champions League.

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