Watford vs Fulham

Watford - Fulham 
Football : England - Premier League 
Tuesday (02 April) 19:45

The English Premier League after 32 rounds has identified the first team to be relegated. It was Huddersfield with 14 points, less than the relegation group of 19 points when the season only had 6 rounds to lower the curtain. This round of 33, the most likely relegation of the second team will appear, which is Fulham, the team is ranked 19th in the standings with 17 points.
Unfortunately for Fulham, in this period of sprint they have to face strong opponents. In the last 4 rounds, the Craven Cottage team met Chelsea, Leicester, Liverpool and Man City in turn. Confronted with a very good Watford, Fulham's ability to win points is expected to leave the game empty-handed.

There have been compliments, praises of Fulham in the early stages of the season when it has just promoted, it has spent 100 million euros to buy and supplement recruits. However, precious and precious quarter, the stars that Fulham bought are only in the form of village, can not compete in a cohesive way.
At this time, Fulham was forced to proactively attack before every opponent to hope to win 3 points, clinging to the opportunity to stay in the No. 1 tournament of Mist. At that time, they are more likely to become good prey of their opponents. Watford is ranked 10th in the standings with 43 points, almost certainly relegated but looking at how they played against MU in round 32 is enough, Deeney and his teammates are still fighting with great determination.

Watford lost to MU 1-2 but in fact they had a better match than their hosts at Old Trafford (De Gea was excellent). Before a Fulham was too weak and forced to work because there was no way back, Watford promised to easily win his fourth consecutive home game. The level of -3/4 odds and the top-of-the-box accommodation spot kept fluctuating in the direction of early decline, indicating that Watford was a safer option than before the ball.

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