Werder Bremen vs Bayern Munich

Werder vs Bayern 

A few days ago, Bremen received a 0-1 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. They are indeed less fortunate to continue to encounter this opponent but are in the German National Cup. Say Bremen is unlucky because Bayern Munich is a name that no team wants to clash with. Especially for Bremen, when their previous confrontations were all one-sided. They didn't even get a draw in 7 times to meet this big man whether playing on home or away.

Bayern Munich severed Bremen's 16-game unbeaten circuit with the aforementioned 1-0 victory. It was a match where Lobster Gray took the lead in the entire game, and Bremen did not even have a finish on the opponent's goal. In the match tonight, Bremen have a home base, where they have been unbeaten 6 times to receive guests, including 4 wins and 2 draws, especially they won the last 3 matches played in their home.

However, the only advantage of Bremen does not mean much when their guests are the gods Bayern Munich. Bayern are playing very impressive with 4 consecutive victories and scored 15 goals, while keeping 2 clean sheets of them. Farther away, the Gray Lobster was unbeaten in all six matches and broke the opponent's net 22 times. It can be seen that after being eliminated from the Champions League, Bayern showed great determination and concentration for playing the remaining playgrounds. As a result, they regained the top spot from Dortmund, and a satisfactory result in the National Cup is also waiting for Gray.

Clearly Bayern Munich are the better team in the competition tonight. Bremen can hardly do miracles before a Bayern is so determined and sublime. Looking at the way Bayern won in recent matches, the 1 / 1.5 handicap in this match is not difficult for them. Niko Kovac's teachers also brought joy to the world to invest 3/4 of the last away games. Tonight, the gray will continue to help players earn victory and they deserve to receive trust.

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