Wigan vs Norwich


Wigan just won the promotion ticket for the First Division of England last season. However, the fierce playing field of No. 2 of fog is causing this team to face many difficulties. Up to now, Wigan has 41 points, only 2 points more than the red light group.

When the season is only 5 rounds, the curtain is lowered, the gap can be leveled at any time. Therefore, more than ever Wigan needs to play with more effort. However, this afternoon they will face a simple challenge from Norwich, who are leading the league.

Wigan's performance is also very bad recently, only winning the last 11/11 matches. The point that made NHM raise a fragile hope is to play on DW's field, where Wigan are maintaining an unbeaten record of 7 consecutive games, including 3 wins and 4 draws, including winning Asian markets. 5 matches, draw 1 and lose 1.

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