Wigan vs Preston


In theory, Wigan can still be relegated when they are 5 points behind the red light team and the first place still has 3 more matches to close. With the current mood, Wigan set a determination to win all 3 points in the match tonight to reinforce the safety position held. Fairly, this is an easy task when teachers and teachers P. Cook are playing at home and are in good form. Remember, in the last round of the weekend, Wigan was surprised when beating the 2nd ranked Leeds with the score 2-1, despite having to play on the opponent's field.

Everything became even easier when their opponent in this match was Preston North End - the team is in an erratic form. In the Championship, Preston North End lost 4 and only won 1 match in the last 5 rounds. One point to note, Preston North End has never tasted the victory in the last 4 games to be a guest on Wigan's The DW.

According to Preston North End's last 5 out of 6 matches on away field, Wigan Athletic's recent 7/9 matches have more than 2 goals scored. Thus, the potential for a big match on DW between Wigan Athletic and Preston North End will have at least 3 goals scored.

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