Wolves vs Arsenal


New recruit Wolverhampton is having a successful season in the first year to return to the highest arena in England. They soon reached the relegation goal when ranked 10th with 48 points. Even now the Wolves have the right to hope to end the season in a higher position because they are currently one point behind the top 7 Everton. If done well in the rest of the tournament, coach Nuno EspĂ­rito Santo will be able to finish the Premier League this season in 7th place.

There are more than one reason Wolverhampton fans can hope to win in this round. Although the recent form of Wolverhampton is not good when there is only 1 win and 1 draw in the last 5 matches, but remember this round, they can return to home. In the last bad series, up to 3 people have to be guests. At home, Wolverhampton showed a very different face with the last 9 unbeaten matches at Molineux, including 7 wins and 2 draws. 
In particular, Wolverhampton is considered to be one of the big boys in the Big Six in this season. They defeated Man United, Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea, and drew Arsenal and City together. Therefore, it would come as no surprise that the students of Nuno EspĂ­rito Santo constantly troubled their guests in the battle tonight.

On the other side of the front line, Arsenal had a unfortunate defeat against Crystal Palace, a match they were playing at home while their performance was good with 3 consecutive games while winning and keeping clean. Obviously at this sensitive stage everything is possible, so even if the schedule in the rest of the tournament for Arsenal is the most gentle of the top 4 competitive teams, they don't allowed to be subjective even for one match.

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