Aberdeen vs Hearts

Aberdeen vs Hearts 

The opportunity has not ended with Aberdeen, when they equaled the point with 3rd place Kilmarnock (with 61 points). Because of this, Aberdeen is aiming to earn all 3 points before Hearts to accumulate points. 

Compared to the reality, Aberdeen is more appreciated than Hearts by owning a quality and uniform team in all 3 routes. Home ground also promises to be an advantage for Aberdeen this match. It should be noted that Aberdeen competed quite well when there was a relay from the audience. In the 8 most competitive games on the field Pittodrie, teachers and coaches Derek McInnes new lost only 2 matches. Broadly, the last 20 games on the Aberdeen home ground have only lost 5 matches.

While Aberdeen had many advantages in this match, Hearts was short of seeing every time away from home. Specifically, the victory has turned away from Hearts in the last 3 matches. Not only that, Hearts also has the reputation of "wild market" with winning only 3 after 13 games away from home recently. It can be seen that Hearts will face an uneasy challenge to overcome the homeowners who want to win like Aberdeen.

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