AS Roma vs Juventus

Roma vs Juve

Coming to the throne early, Juventus no longer holds the seriousness in the past rounds. The spirit of competition is no longer as strong as before, making Juventus experience the worst stage since the start of the tournament. Specifically, in the last 4 appearances in the Serie A arena, the champion has only 1 win, the remaining 2 draws and 1 loss. Moreover, the old lady is also chipping a serious force. They lacked many pillars because of injuries and suspension. 
However, against Roma in the 37th round, Juventus certainly did not want to leave. The Turin side have the advantage of a head-to-head record against AS Roma. In the past, 55 times of meeting each other, the Old Lady had 26 victories, while Roma had only 13. But when played on the Olimpico shrine, Roma had a solid fulcrum to believe in a victory. Remember in 27 times of Juventus welcome at his mecca, the Rome team won 8 wins and 10 draws.

On the other side of the line, with 59 points at No. 6, by the point Milan was right above and less than Atalanta at 4, only 3 points, Roma knew they still had a chance to win the Champions League ticket. next season. Teacher Claudio Ranieri's performance is still very good with 6 unbeaten consecutive rounds, including 3 wins and 3 draws. In this match, they must win if they don't want to be down to the lower position on the standings. Because when Roma had to host a difficult Juventus guest, both Lazio and Torino only met opponents who were much weaker. Can Roma players turn that enormous pressure into strength to defeat Juve tonight?

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