Aston Villa vs Derby County

Aston Villa - Derby County 
Football : EFL Championship 
Monday (27 May) 14:00 (GMT 0)  

Both Derby County and Aston Villa have undergone two tough and difficult playoff semi-finals to be able to sign up for the final, given the opportunity to play in the highest tournament England. However, while Aston Villa's performance is considered commendable, it is hard to say that Derby County did well.
Derby County entered the final after passing Leeds in the semi-finals. In the first leg at home, they lose the advantage when they let their opponents beat 0-1. By the turn at Elland Road, Fank Lampard's teachers took a lucky turn when Leeds lost the previous one. Anyway, Lampard and his students are hoping to play in the Premier League and what Chelsea legend has done for this team is huge. Derby County's performance is quite good at this stage. Except for a 0-1 defeat to Leeds in the first leg, in the last 7 games in the Championship, they are unbeaten in the remaining 6 games with 2 draws and 4 wins. 
As for Aston Villa, despite waiting for the new 11-meter penalty shoot-out to beat West Brom, what they show in the semi-finals is highly appreciated both professionally and spiritually. Now, teachers and teachers Dean Smith are eager to return to the tournament that he once was a force in the last century. Aston Villa's form against Derby County is not bad when winning 4, drawing 1 and losing only 1 of the last 6 appearances in the Championship. 

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