Aston Villa vs Norwich

Aston Villa - Norwich 
Football : EFL Championship 
Sunday (05 May) 11:30 (GMT 0) 


Before the final round of the English Premier League, it was determined that two directly promoted teams Norwich and Sheffield United as well as three relegated tickets. So this match is only a procedural match. Therefore, the battle at this point only focused on identifying the four teams participating in the promotion playoff.

Norwich are having a successful season as the top ranked team in the Championship format. With 91 points earned and 45 wins, the home team is one of the two teams to get the promotion tickets soon. It means being able to play in the highest tournament of the blind country next year. Certainly Norwich did not want to lose in their championship title. Therefore, players will play hard to contribute to the audience.

The recent form of Norwich is as good as most of their season. 10 consecutive matches they have not tasted defeat. It can be said that this is the strongest team in the first place at the moment.

In terms of financial potential, Aston Villa is a more appreciated name before entering this season against Norwich. However, the form that has not been stable since February pushed this team to be sure to finish in fifth place and must attend the new play-offs hoping to play in the highest tournament of the country blind next season. After the 45th round the home team has 76 points with 20 wins.

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