Atalanta vs Lazio - Coppa Italia Final

Atalanta vs Lazio 

Atalanta is experiencing a great season with certain successes in every arena they participate in. In Serie A, coach Gian Piero Gasperini's men are third with 65 points, less than Inter Milan and only 3 points higher than AC Milan. So Atalanta's chance to attend the European Cup is very high. In the National Cup, Atalanta defeated both defending champion Juventus and Fiorentina's stunned opponent to be in the final. And their season is even better if they can beat Lazio tonight to win Coppa Italia. If successful, Atalanta will have the cup trophy after 56 years of waiting.
Atalanta's power this season is particularly impressive. They are one of the rare teams to keep an impressive performance throughout this season. Until now their unbeaten series has reached number 13, especially the 5 most recent appearances are convincing victories. In particular, the highlight of Atalanta's play this season lies in the explosive performance of the game with 73 goals. They even scored more goals than the top of the Juventus table (69 goals).

As for Lazio, winning against Atalanta in the finals tonight is the only chance they can attend the European Cup next season. The reason is that in Serie A, Lazio are ranked 8th with 58 points, less than the position of the Europa League team of the same city of Rome 4 points, a gap is difficult to level with only the remaining 2 rounds of the tournament. . Therefore, Lazio's determination in the battle tonight is extremely large.
However, compared to Atalanta, Lazio's performance is much less convincing. In the last 10 games Lazio have only 5 wins, 1 draw and 4 defeats. It should be known that since the middle of February, they have never once maintained a series of victories beyond the number 2. In addition, the deadlock made Lazio many times to be in the white.

KickOff at 19:45 UK. 

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