Atalanta vs Sassuolo

Atalanta vs Sassuolo

This season, Atalanta has risen strongly and become a formidable opponent to the remaining clubs. If at first it was assumed that Atalanta was just a "phenomenon" then by this time, when the season is about to close, the cadres need to recognize the fact that Atalanta is strong and not merely the most exciting. time.
Atalanta's current 3rd position is the clearest proof for that point. They are having the opportunity to finish their goals only after Juventus and Napoli. Because today's match with Atalanta makes sense, but not for Sassuolo. Keep in mind that Atalanta is only 1 point higher than AC Milan (Thursday), and if it does, they will be able to lose their Champions League tickets next season.
The key to this match is the fact that Sassuolo has run out of motivation for safety in the middle of the table. Therefore, the dealer does not appreciate Sassuolo. On the Asian floor, Atalanta accepted 1/4, the deepest milestone in history when two teams encountered. Although Atalanta is in the top 3, but when it comes to reality, in fact, Atalanta is not so superior to its rivals, so when it comes to 0: 1 3/4 match, it is clear that the host is highly appreciated this.

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