Barcelona vs Getafe

Barca vs Getafe 

Seems like it will be Barca's successful great season with a historic treble but everything collapsed right before Barca's eyes when they lost 4 goals to Liverpool at Anfield in the Champions League semi-final. The more painful it is in the first round Messi and his teammates have a huge advantage with a 3-0 victory at the Nou Camp. But then Valverde's teachers lost the final ticket to the representative of England, the losing scenario was repeated again, before that, the sullen for them was AS Roma last season.
In La Liga, Barca soon won the championship this season and the remaining matches for them are no longer meaningful, including the reception of Getafe tonight. It is likely that pillars will not play in the stadium tonight. Barca have lost two consecutive matches, which was a loss to Liverpool and before that was a defeat to Celta Vigo in the match that coach Valverde put all the pillars to prepare for the Great War at Anfield. With the gloom and big shock yet, if Barca does not win points in the reception of Getafe, it is not too unexpected.

The situation of Barca accidentally became something beneficial for Getafe, the team is in need of points to maintain their position on the scoreboard. Now Getafe is still not sure to get a ticket to attend Europe's most prestigious arena after only 3 points ahead of the 5th placed team. Therefore, a victory or at least a draw at this point is extremely necessary for them.

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