Barcelona vs Liverpool

Barcelona - Liverpool 
Uefa Champions League 
Wednesday (01 May) 19:00 UK. 


Barcelona have officially won the La Liga championship 3 rounds early thanks to their superior strength. They are full of the strongest squad to be ready for the Champions League conquest.

After 12 years, they had the opportunity to encounter Liverpool again. The last time the two teams met was since 2007. At that time, the Catalan giant was eliminated from the round of 16 in a bitter way by the away goal law.

Now is the opportunity for Spanish representatives to take revenge and they have every basis to do this. As mentioned, Barcelona has the strongest squad. The pillars all have good physical condition, including Lionel Messi.

The talent and killer instincts of the Argentine striker is something no one can deny. For years, he has been an endless source of inspiration and appeared very timely to help the Camp Nou team overcome many difficulties and win glory.

Messi is always ready to make a difference. Killing him is almost impossible for every defense. Not only did he shine, he also helped his teammates play better.

Next, let's look at Barcelona's performance at the Nou Camp this season. Soi the Barcelona vs Liverpool evaluation, "scary" is probably the most suitable adjectives to evaluate.  

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