Bayern Munich vs Frankfurt

FCB vs SGE  
After the Premier League race was officially closed and the Man City champion was found, all attention was drawn to the final round of the Bundesliga. In addition, the top 4 race is also extremely intense with the names of the fighters: Gladbach (4th), Leverkusen (try 5) and Frankfurt with 55.55 and 54 points respectively. It is interesting that the two pairs of Bayern Munich and Frankfurt and Gladbach vs Dortmund will also decide the throne and fourth place this season. 
The Bundesliga championship is Bayern Munich's only and biggest goal after being eliminated from Liverpool from Liverpool. They showed their focus and determination to top the table at this time with 75 points, 2 points ahead of Dortmund. Thus, Bayern Munich is the hand in hand for the king. If they win the final match tonight, they will become the owners of the silver plate.

Say so to see how big Bayern Munich's motivation is. The performance of Lobster Gray is very good and it is difficult for any team in the national arena to overcome them. Gray has not lost any match in the Bundesliga since the beginning of March. They drew 3 matches and had 9 wins. The ball control rate averaged 62.2%, the ball pass rate was 87.6%, and Bayern's impressive statistics signaled a victory for them at the decisive round before Frankfurt.

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