Brighton vs Man City


In the current Premier League, relegation races and top 4 races are all over, all attention is paid to the championship race of Man City and Liverpool. Therefore, the march to Brighton's yard tonight is decisive for the Blue Man. Currently, teachers and coaches Pep have won 95 points, than the second ranked team Liverpool 1 point. Therefore, if defeating Brighton in the final round, the green half of Manchester will officially defend his Premier League.
Man City have experienced 13 consecutive victories in the Premier League. On the land of guests, the students of Pep also won 3 consecutive marches away from home recently. It can be seen that after suffering from Tottenham's Champions League elimination painfully, Man City got up very quickly because they knew the Premier League was waiting for them with the goal of champion. With the determination to win the championship and the pressure in the double-game race with Liverpool, Man City still maintain their uplifting style even though sometimes they have to be busy in many arenas. Tonight, they will march to Falmer yard with the confidence and stature of a big team only one step away from the trophy.

On the other side of the line, Brighton were relegated to success after Cardiff lost 2-3 to Crystal Palace in the 37th round. Ranked 17th in the danger group, but with a 5-point gap, Brighton could be assured. about being in the highest arena in the UK. Now coach Chris Hughton and his students have been able to take the burden off their shoulders and play the last game with a relaxed mind. The goal of the competition is no longer available, but Brighton can say it plays a very important role in determining the owner of the Premier League title this season.

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