Celta Vigo vs Barcelona

With 37 points in the 15th position in the standings, just 2 points higher than the dangerous team, Celta Vigo is still reeling from the fierce relegation race in La Liga this season. Fran Escribá's determination to play is extremely great because they have to stay in a safe position for the remaining three rounds to be able to continue playing in the highest Spanish league next season.

Celta Vigo shows a completely different face in the past 1 month. A great progress as they spread from the red light group to their current position. Recently, they didn't win much, but they didn't lose points in their appearances. Specifically in the last 6 matches, the home team has 2 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss. With Celta Vigo's current play, they can be ready to create a tit-for-tat match with their opponents and defeat Fran Escribá's army at this point.

It was unbelievable but the chance would come to Celta Vigo in this round even though they had to welcome Bara at home. There was more than one reason Celta Vigo had a chance to win 3 points against the scary Catalan giant. Barca have officially won the La Liga championship 3 rounds soon. Therefore, the remaining matches in La Liga against coach and coach Ernesto Valverde are only procedures. Now, Barca's biggest concern is the Champions League arena, namely the battle with Liverpool at the return leg on Anfield a few days to come. 

Certainly coach Valverde will use the reserve squad to march to Celta Vigo's yard because their pillars need to rest for the great battle of significance in England. Despite a 3-0 victory at the Camp Nou against Liverpool at the last leg of the first leg, the England representative was not an easy name to deal with, especially when there was a home base. Therefore, Messi and his teammates must still be extremely cautious with this name.

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