Charlton vs Sunderland


It took a lot of hard work to overcome Doncaster Rovers in the semi-finals in the 2nd Division Championship with a penalty shootout, Charlton was in the Wembly Finals this weekend. The rival of Lee Bowyer's coach in this final match is determined to be Sunderland, a name that is neither unfamiliar nor pleasant.
Geographically, Charlton is the beneficiary of this match as their headquarters is also in London, while Sunderland is in the far Northeast. In terms of form, except for the previous 1-2 defeat of Doncaster Rovers in the last semi-finals, Lee Bowyer and his teachers also had impressive achievements when winning all 4 previous matches.
Meanwhile, on Sunderland's side, despite not having to go through a penalty shootout, to get a 1-0 final victory after two games against Porstmouth in the semi-finals is probably not easy to say. It is easy for the coach and coach Jack Ross. In fact, before entering the Promotion Round, Sunderland itself did not create confidence with his poor performance.
Specifically, a 1-0 home victory against Porstmouth in the last semi-finals was also the only match this team enjoyed the joy of winning, while the remaining 5/6 matches, their results were also only draw and lose, that is why they lost the chance to win a direct promotion when they couldn't get into the top 2 with their poor performance.

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