Chelsea vs Arsenal: #UELFinal

The path to Chelsea's Europa League final can be said to be quite arduous. In the quarterfinals, the Blues only had to encounter a far-flung Slavia Praha in every way.
Those who thought they would pass the opponent easily. But no, the representative of England experienced a very difficult game in Czech. After that, only the fulcrum of Stamford Bridge helped them win 5-3 after 2 matches.
To the semi-finals, Chelsea's opponent is Frankfurt. Coach Maurizio Sarri's teachers could not knock down the representative of Germany and just went after the penalty shoot-out with a brain balance.
Of course, the road does not matter, as long as there are good results. But look at the Blues' performances in the Premier League this season.
Many times, the Italian strategist was criticized by the change in personnel. He pushed a premium scanner like Kante to the higher rock. Instead of this position is the pupil pet Jorginho.
This makes them unbalanced in both attack and defense. Jorginho immediately faded away when he encountered an opponent with a fast and powerful play. Kante can only play a round.
The greatest hope on public goods is Eden Hazard is not superhuman to always bear. A 0-4 defeat to Bournemouth, 0-6 against Man City or consecutive draws is a testament to instability.

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