Chelsea vs Arsenal

The first season led by Maurizio Sarri coach, Chelsea finished the Premier League goal in third place, behind only the top two teams Man City and Liverpool. Besides, they reached the League Cup final and Europa League finals. However, the team management could not be satisfied with what Chelsea had because they had so many bad and poor performances. In fact, they ranked third in part because of luck when the top 4 competitors also weakened. Therefore, the true Europa League championship will save Sarri teachers' disappointing season.
The way for Chelsea to reach Baku was quite difficult. They must rely on the new series of fateful Penalty to overcome Eintracht Frankfurt in the round for the four most powerful teams, while Frankfurt is considered to be much worse. The final tonight will probably be the last time some players will play for Chelsea, so they will be determined to play a truly impressive game. On May 16, Chelsea had a friendly match with the New England Revolution in the United States. This 3-0 victory is considered a step forward for the great war with Arsenal, but it makes Chelsea pay dearly when the good-looking midfielder Loftus-Cheek is injured and will likely be unable to play in the match. finals tonight.
On the other side of the front line, Arsenal even had a worse season than Chelsea. They only finish fifth in the Premier League. That means, if not beating Chelsea in this match, the Gunners of London will not be able to attend the Champions League for the third consecutive season. It can be seen that the Europa League championship for Arsenal is much more urgent than the blue team on the other side because at least
Chelsea have won the European Cup next season. As for Arsenal, all their hopes are on the last door in Baku tonight.

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