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Chelsea vs Watford

Chelsea - Watford 
Football : England - Premier League 
Sunday (05 May) 13:00 (GMT 0) 


After the draw against Man Utd in the previous round, Chelsea still kept the 4th position on the English Premier League this season. Currently, The Blues are having 68 points, more than the 5th ranked Arsenal and the 6th ranked team with 2 and 3 points respectively. Thus, along with Tottenham, Chelsea are also in the hands of self-determination in the top 4 race this season. However, their position is threatened by the opponents behind because the distance of 2-3 points is not safe. In order to end the season with the current position, Maurizio Sarri's teachers and coaches need to win both the remaining rounds, in the immediate future, to welcome Watford tonight.

Coach Sarri soon showed determination for the 37th round by stacking a series of pillars like Hazard, Higuain and Alonso in the Europa League semi-final first leg against Frankfurt in order to put all their strength into the battle with Watford in the Premier League. As a result, they had a very difficult 1-1 draw in Germany, but they still had the chance to get back all in the upcoming second leg. Today, they will welcome the uneasy opponent Watford at Stamford Bridge, where the blue shirt team has a series of 8 unbeaten matches, including 6 wins.
On Watford's side, their season seems to have ended when they got 50 points and 10th place in the rankings. Recent statistics on Watford seem to be quite optimistic for Chelsea. There was not much motivation to play, so in the last few rounds, Watford proved to be quite indecisive. Evidence of 2 failures, 1 draw and only 1 win out of the last 4 appearances in the Premier League. Away, they have 2 victories in the last 5 marches, but their defeats are just the teams that are in the red light group: Cardiff and Huddersfield. 

But there are many reasons why Coach Sarri values ​​the match against this opponent. Watford this season played very impressively and even many times made the big guys struggle for their sublimation. Watford's current position in the standings is also an achievement beyond the expectations of BLD team. However, it is important to know that Stamford Bridge is a difficult place for Watford over the past 20 years. Watford's 2-2 Blues draw was also four years ago. If you count in every arena regardless of away field, in the last 10 meetings between two teams, Chelsea win 7 matches, Watford wins 1 and 2 draw teams 2.

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