Eibar vs Barcelona

Eibar vs Barca
This season, Messi and his teammates were unable to fulfill the promise of bringing the Champions League trophy back to Barca. Although leading 3-0, they had to stop in the semifinals after being beaten 4-0 by Liverpool upstream at Anfield. An unfortunate defeat made the Catalan giant's season much less fun. In La Liga, Barca soon won the title this season after winning 2-0 against Getafe.
Barca also has a final with Valencia in the Copa Del Rey framework on May 25. Therefore, the trip to Eibar's field in the final round will be an opportunity for the young players and the Catalans reserve to go to the stadium. Barca's strongest force will be to win for the final to help Barca stand before the opportunity to win another title this season. At the end of the season, Barca lost exactly 2 matches, lost to Celta Vigo 0-2 and then continued to lose to Liverpool 0-4. This is the first time in the season that the army of coach Ernesto Valverde has lost two consecutive matches without a single goal.
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However, in this match, Barca will play with the dedication mentality, plus the determination and desire for the performance of young talents, it is not difficult to win against Eibar. On Eibar, they were soon able to stay relegated with 12th place and 46 points after 37 rounds. It can be said that this season with Eibar is not bad because this is a good position for an average team. Despite having a safe position, Eibar struggled to the final round with two consecutive victories against Real Betis and Valencia before losing 0-1 to Villarreal in the previous round.
Eibar entered the final round when there was no longer any motivation, and having to welcome the great Barca made them end their season with a defeat at home. The home field is a big fulcrum for Eibar when they have won all the last 6 arrivals here. During the whole season, despite the staggering performance, the winning series never surpassed the number 2 but the matches on Ipurua Municipal Stadium were always a comfort to them.

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