Frankfurt vs Chelsea


Europa League  semi-finals this season, Frankfurt and Chelsea both entered the battle with a psychological comfort after obtaining a good position in the domestic arena. Specifically, Frankfurt is fourth in the Bundesliga, three points higher than fifth place Gladbach. Meanwhile, Chelsea after a draw in Man Utd in the 36th round has won fourth place with a distance of 2 points from Arsenal. Thus, both Frankfurt and Chelsea were able to gain enough places to participate in the Champions League next season, so they can fully concentrate on the battle tonight at Commerzbank-Arena.

Frankfurt has an explosive season in the competitions they attend. From an unremarkable name, they suddenly sublimated and were among the top 4 best teams of Germany's highest tournament. In the Europa League, Frankfurt is even hailed as one of the most interesting phenomena of this year's tournament. In the group stage, they overcame both Lazio and Marseille to win the top of Group H, then eliminated Inter Milan from the eighth round to continue making the spectacular comeback against Benfica in the quarterfinals. Now Adi Hütter and his students are preparing to face Chelsea in the semi-finals. What has made Frankfurt become a very dangerous name, a challenge that Chelsea will surely struggle to overcome. 

Frankfurt entered the battle tonight with a very high performance. In every arena since the beginning of 2019, this team has only lost two matches. In the last 6 games, they have 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses with 3 consecutive unbeaten matches. The home ground is really a solid fulcrum for Frankfurt, this is where they won 5 and drew 1 match in the Europa League, even Inter and Benfica had to "die" when marching to this place. Not only were sharp goods, Frankfurt also possessed extremely strong defense. Their penalty area is not easily accessible. 

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