Fulham vs Newcastle United


Despite being officially relegated, Fulham still managed to do their best in the final matches of the 2018 Premier League, to make up for the sadness that fans have suffered. Need to know, in the last four rounds in the Premier League, Craven Cottage team has made significant improvements in achievements with 3 wins and 1 loss. Returning to the closing match, coach S. Parker was back home to welcome Newcastle and this is a good opportunity for the London team to win the Premier League goodbye.

Reminds more, Newcastle are not too uncomfortable opponents because the East North England team has run out of motivation. On the other hand, "Chích chò" is not a good name in away games. Counting every participating arena, Newcastle only won 1 game out of 11 games away from home recently. Particularly noted, in the last 4 matches against Fulham, teachers and coaches of Benitez have been subjected to a three-handed white shot, the rest is a draw.

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