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Huddersfield vs Man United

Huddersfield - Manchester United 
Football : England - Premier League 
Sunday (05 May) 13:00 (GMT 0) 


Bad competition during the season makes Huddersfield early to receive a relegation ticket even if the season is not over. After 36 rounds, they only had 3 victories, lost 28 matches and won only 14 points. If the tournament ends with this score, Huddersfield will be one of the worst teams in the history of the Premier League. This is entirely possible because the tournament only has 2 rounds, Huddersfield's opponent will be MU in this round and Southampton in the final round. The point is that it is extremely difficult for this team, especially when their badness is still ongoing.

Huddersfield's losing streak continued to grow and reached number 8. Last weekend, they had just put Liverpool in the net with five goals. If you say that Huddersfield is a point of scoring with the Premier League teams at the moment, there is nothing too much. Home advantage does not help them when visitors are a MU who are thirsty for the top 4 battle.

The draw against Chelsea in the previous round made Man Utd at a disadvantage in his race. Now they are 3 points away from Chelsea, a small distance when the season has no time. Currently, Man United's internal affairs are extremely confused, rumors not only surround the players but even coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is also discussed and doubts about his coaching ability. More than ever, the Reds need a convincing victory to continue to hope for next season's Champions League ticket and stabilize the situation.

Can understand the indignation of the fans by the bowl of MU achievements in recent times. Last 6 appearances MU have only 1 win against West Ham, the remaining 1 draw and 4 defeat, even white 4 matches. During the trip, Solskjaer's students were also disappointed with a series of 5 away games in a row, in which there were 3 matches.

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