Inter Milan vs Chievo

Inter Milan - Chievo 
Football : Italy - Serie A 
Monday (13 May) 19:00 (GMT 0) 

Inter vs Chievo 

After a series of 3 consecutive draws, Inter Milan has dropped to fourth place in the Serie A table with 63 points, less than 2 points compared to 3rd place Atalanta, at the same time than the 5th ranked team. AC Milan 1 point. They are being narrowed down by the rivals and risk being overtaken by rivals on the chart. Without improving their form, Inter will have to end the season outside the top 4. 
Unbeaten all 6 appearances recently but Inter Milan only got 2 wins, the rest are 4 draws. It was too much of a tie that made Inter lose his third place. Even when he only had to face a falling Udinese and the bottom of the rankings, coach Luciano Spalletti had to accept a split in a goalless draw. In this round, the field team Giuseppe Meazza stood before the opportunity could not be better to get 3 points when only having to meet Chievo, the team is standing at the table with bad performance.

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