Juventus vs Atalanta

Juve vs Atalanta 
With the Roma draw in Round 33 at Olimpico, Juventus has officially won the Serie A title for the 7th consecutive time, also the 4th championship under Coach Allegri's reign. Before that, they were crowned Coppa Italia on the Olimpico stadium after their victory over AC Milan. The biggest sadness of the striped shirt team in this season is the unfinished Champions League dream after receiving the defeat of the previous 2-3 finals representing Dutch Ajax.
With all the arenas all finished, Juventus played very superficially in the final season. They only won 1 match in the last 6 appearances in all competitions, remaining 2 and losing 3. She showed a lack of fighting face in these matches. They dropped the score against weaker opponents and most recently, she lost points when marching to Roma's Stadio Olimpico.

On the other side of the line, Atalanta is the most dominant team among the teams participating in the top 4 race. With 65 points earned after 36 rounds, Atalanta is fourth, less than Inter Milan in third place only 1 points, at the same time, more than three points behind Milan and Roma, there is also an outstanding goal difference. Atalanta's performance is also very good with 4 successive rounds. Even when leaving the home, Coach Gian Piero Gasperini's army did not weaken. They were unbeaten in all six recent marches, including four victories.
With this form, Atalanta is expected to complete 3 points before Juventus champion has shown signs of deflating. Atalanta will need a steel spirit and a clever strategy to fight against the home team. In the past, Juventus defeated Atalanta 15/19 times the two teams met. But in this season alone, she has never won Atalanta, even Atalanta is the team that kicked Juventus away from Coppa Italia with a 3-0 victory. Obviously, Atalanta is not an easy opponent to play with Juventus even when Ronaldo's team is still determined to play. Now that they have surrendered, Atalanta is facing a huge opportunity to achieve his 3-point goal.

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