Juventus vs Torino

Juve vs Torino

Maybe Juventus has no more goals at this point because they have officially crowned Serie A 2018/19. However, there are still many reasons to look forward to the reception of Torino tonight because a derby is always very different in color. Massimiliano Allegri's teachers not only aim to become the team with the most points in an important season, they cannot allow themselves to lose in the Turin derby. Meanwhile, Torino is fiercely determined to win tickets to the European Cup. They are temporarily ranked No. 7 on the standings, equal to the top 6 points of Milan and less than the top 5, the top 4 is only 2-3 points. 
Recently Juventus are disappointing their fans with the worst series this season. They could not overcome Ajax in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, and lost 3 points before the team was underestimated by many SPALs. Even the victory over Fiorentina at home to win early is 90 minutes of hard work for the old lady. In this match, Juve have a home advantage where they have won 5/6 times for the last time. Completely expecting a spectacular show of Juve because they have Ronaldo in the squad, and must keep the honor of one of the highest league champions in Italy.

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