Leeds United vs Derby County

Leeds United - Derby County 
Football : EFL Championship 
Wednesday (15 May) 18:45 (GMT 0) 

Before the end of 46 rounds, Derby County managed to beat West Brom to reach the top 6, opening hopes of a promotion ticket to play in the Premier League next season. However, in the first leg of the playoffs, against strong rival Leeds United, Derby County had to take a 0-1 defeat at home. They had a less convincing performance and could not resist Leeds' aging. Besides, the difference is also in the training bench, when an experienced Bielsa can catch all the cards, a Lampard is only in power for 1 year.
It was a success for Coach Frank Lampard to go on today. From a team that has been relegated last season but under the leadership of Chelsea legend, Derby County has been able to compete for promotion. However, there are still many factors that make them unable to touch successfully. Derby County needs to add more quality players and continue to try in the next season. That is because Derby County's retrograde opportunity is very low. Not to mention that they were not appreciated by Leeds, the history also showed that no team who lost on the home field of play-off semi-finals could successfully reverse the line to play the last game of promotion.

However, it is undeniable that Lampard's teachers and students played great football at the end of the season. They have 5 victories in the last 9 rounds, the remaining 3 draws 
and only 1 loss. On away field, they also did not lose the last 3 times away from the home, including 2 draws and 1 win. Meanwhile, it is important to know that Leeds played very badly at home in recent times with only 2 wins in the last 5 times. Therefore, although it may not go ahead, Derby County will still make many difficulties for Leeds' journey.
On the other side of the battle line, Leeds was rated higher than Derby County. They are the highest ranked team among the four teams in the play-off round this year. Coming in at No. 3 with 83 points, Leeds even came close to finishing second and straight up the Premier League. Obviously they have better power, and have the advantage of a 1-0 victory in the first leg. Therefore, Leeds can completely overcome Derby County with his old age. Now, the Premier League is closer to Marcelo Bielsa teachers than ever.

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