Leicester City vs Chelsea


Under the guidance of coach Brendan Rodgers, Leicester City has climbed a circuit to the 9th position on the English Premier League rankings at this time. After 37 rounds, including 15 victories, 6 draws and 16 losses, the Foxes got 51 points, 51 goals and 48 goals conceded. Thus, up to this point, Leicester is considered to have run out of goals to strive for. That is also the biggest reason why their performance in the final rounds is clear.
Specifically, Leicester only won 1 match in the last 4 rounds, the remaining 2 losses and 1 draw. In the final round of the 2018/19 season season, the Foxes will be playing at home, where they win 3/4 of the most recent arrivals in the Premier League. The visitor to King Power Stadium tonight is Chelsea, who were defeated by Leicester with a 1-0 away record in the first leg in December last year.

As for Chelsea, they almost got a ticket to Europe's most prestigious arena next season with a place in the top 4 on the rankings. This is considered a good season for Chelsea when they only replaced the coach but were in the top 4, and won the runner-up of the British League Cup and successfully won the Europa League final, standing in front of Great opportunity to have a title for yourself. Currently, the Blues are third with 71 points, more than just 4 points from Tottenham. Because of this fragile distance, Chelsea will still play hard in the last round to avoid robbery robbing them of the results they have obtained this season.

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