Leipzig vs Bayern Munich


Leipzig is considered the most impressive and stable team in the Bundesliga this season. With what they have done, they deserve the position they are today. It was 3rd place with 65 points, less than Dortmund in second place 5 points and 11 points lower than the team. Thus, The Bulls will definitely be in the Champions League group stage next season. Achieving his goal, Ralf Rangnick teachers and students can now take a break after a stressful and tiring season. It was time for them not to strain the highest arena in Germany. Instead, the pillars will be rested to prepare for the final of the German National Cup with the upcoming Bayern Munich. Remember that important game is the hope for a title this season for Leipzig.
Leipzig is still maintaining their impressive form with an ever-growing series of unbeaten matches. However, with the 3-3 draw against Mainz in the last round, it can be seen that Leipzig has moved from a closed-door defense to a more open and open play. It also shows their relaxed psychology and this is likely to continue to be reflected in Dortmund's home reception. The last 6 rounds of Leipzig have 5 wins and 1 draw. Also on home turf, they also won consecutive 3 times to pick up the last guests.

For Bayern Munich, today's trip is very meaningful for them. If they win, Niko Kovac and his teachers will successfully defend their king in the Bundesliga. Now they are four points bigger than rivals Dortmund, the main competitor in the championship race. Bayern's unbeaten run has reached nine matches, including seven wins. Away from home, they did quite well with the last 6 marches to win points, including 3 wins and 3 draws.
Of course, Leipzig is not an easy competitor, but when the host dynamics of the homeowners are not much, the opportunity has expanded more to Bayern Munich. Moreover, the 7th consecutive crowned goal will become a power for Bayern to solve its season soon without having to wait until the final round. With the team of the team having won the Bundesliga silver plate up to 6 times, Bayern are the team that is rated higher with a 0.5-handicap handicap. Believing in Bayern Munich is perfectly reasonable for players in this match.

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