Man City vs Leicester

Manchester City - Leicester 
 Football : England - Premier League 
Monday (06 May) 19:00 (GMT 0) 

Man City is closer to the Premier League championship than ever before. With 1 point more than the direct opponent Liverpool, the Green Man is in the hands of self-determination in protecting the throne in the highest arena in the country. The remainder of Pep's teachers was not difficult when they only had to meet two much weaker opponents, Leicester City and Brighton. So just playing properly, The Citizen will officially smash the championship dream after nearly three decades of Liverpool.

Until now, Man City are still showing the championship of the British Foreign Championship with a series of 12 consecutive victories. From weak teams to names in Big Six such as Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham and even Liverpool, they are also defeated. At Etihad, Man City is even more frightening when winning 14 consecutive victories in every arena. Only in the last 6 home games, Pep's students have also scored 18 goals. It can be said that statistics about Man City always make people surprised.

The visitors of Man City in this round, Leicester City are also in good form in the end of the season. They have 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the last 6 appearances. The previous round, the Cable also made a very strong opponent that Arsenal had to bow to lose with 3 goals without equalizing. It can be seen that, the King Power team is always the one who gets in the way of the big guys in this season. Earlier, they had held Liverpool, beating Arsenal, beating Man City.

Leicester have no goal to fight because of the 8th position and 51 points that Leicester's season is considered to have ended. But perhaps that is why they will not be afraid to play a game with Man City in the round trip. Leicester is not an easy opponent for any team. Even Man City also failed 1-2 before the fox in the first leg. Furthermore, the performance against the two teams is also quite balanced when Man City won 3, Leicester won 2 out of 5 times the last two teams encountered. So despite being rated higher, Man City cannot underestimate this opponent because it is likely that this will be the way for Pep and his teacher to win the championship.

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